About us

PREKAM comes from the word ”Prekambrium”, which refers to an geological era which started about 4567 million years ago. This era was also the time when the Earth initially started to form and is commonly known as the “Origin of life”.

Prekam is a technology company that focus on safety in machinery and CE-marking. With over 1200 projects and 30 years of experience in safety of machinery, Prekam is the given choice for companies that are looking for outside expertise in these areas.

We offer our clients design and development projects which are in complete accordance with the current requirements for CE-marking.

Together with our clients, we carry out projects which results in more effective processes, new production solutions and an overall enhanced level av machine safety.

Our complete solutions reduce the cost and lead time, which gives our clients enhanced strength and quality. Our experience in CE-marking and risk evaluation, combined with our width and technical competence, has made us marked leading in the trade.

Liability for us is that everyone in our company takes their full responsibility in the deliveries to our clients. Our responsibility also includes that we inform our clients about their responsibilities in placing products on the market in accordance with current laws and applications to avoid a potential product liability “case”.

Safety for us is that we together make sure to support our clients in following the laws, directives and standards that are required to avoid damages and productions lapses within the company. Safety also means that we will help find the right level of machine safety investments in relation to profitability. This aims to the safety of delivery towards our clients, which is one of the foundation pillars in our company philosophy.

Quality is an important term for us because we ourselves have invested in clear working processes within safety of machinery, design and manuals. Thanks to continual follow-ups with our clients, we can improve both our own competence and the delivery time that we offer. This also means that we make sure that there is full traceability in the documentation that we provide to our clients.

Our philosophy

We call ourselves technicians with emphasis on humanism. By this we mean that we place the individual in the center in the interaction between human and machine. Efficiency shall never stand before the safety of the individual. At the same time, we know through experience that productivity and safety do not need to contradict each other in a well-planned machine park. This philosophy is something that we always carry with us when we help organizations describe, manufacture, and assemble safe machines, machine lines and plants.



Larry Falk

PREKAM was founded by Larry Falk. He has more than 35 years of industrial experience in design and development, marketing and risk assessment. Since 1994, he has been hired as an expert project manager, by several national and international companies, responsible for the CE marking of large complex machinery and process systems. Since 1997 Larry has been the course coordinator of a machine safety course at Malmö University and since 2009 he has conducted about 50 customized courses. He is the country's first certified machine safety specialist and he participates in the international standardization development in the committee for TK/282 and TC 199/W5 Safety of Machinery.