We are proud to introduce the new CE-Certifier MD Pro 2023. The future of software CE-Certifier MD Pro 2020 is very exciting and we are in a period of intensive and creative development.

"I did my most recent risk analysis on my tablet." - Larry Falk, Development and Marketing

PREKAM have digitalized the risk assessment process with CE-Certifier. With this tool, you can easily do quick and safe risk assessments.

CE-Certifier MD Pro provides a reliable and efficient work process that reduces lead times for risk assessment and CE marking of products in accordance with EU directives. The software also includes LVD and EMC directives.

CE-Certifier MD Pro supports risk assessment and CE marking in accordance with EU directives. The software guides the user through the process step by step by finishing one phase at a time. Documents and reports are collected in a technical file according to annexes VIIA and VIIB in the Machinery Directive, and are easy to print. This means that the CE marking process becomes more reliable and takes considerably less time. The software is user-friendly and has a simple structure.

Built-in instructions support the user in every step of the process. It is also possible to go back and review previously presented information. Traceability of documents and a clear overview of active projects are only some of the benefits.

Price: from 950 EUR

Other advantages:

  • CE-Certifier MD Pro also exist in a web-based version.
  • Does not use any hardware locks.
  • You work with objects, with the possibility to import or export individual project and can easily create a library within the organization.
  • Simple and effective reports, no printing of unnecessary pages.
  • Easily export your process to PDF or Excel format.
  • Share your database and saved risk-data with your colleagues.

We are constantly working to improve our software. See our latest updates HERE (video)

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