Our courses are filled with experience!

Our courses apply to all types of positions, such as directors, service and maintenance personnel, safety representatives, suppliers and technical informers.

In our different courses, we cover The Machinery Directive and directives such as LVD, EMC, PED, ATEX, among others.


CE-marking as a complex process in which we offer a 1-2-day course with practical implementations from our own establishment.


Manual design that meet the directives. What specific requirements on older machinery equipment that needs to be fulfilled in order to meet the directives. How manuals should be executed according to laws and directives. How warnings should be expressed in order to be juridically valid.

Product responsibility and delegation

We go through responsibility, safety and delegation. Who does what? Who is responsible for what? How responsibility is correctly delegated? What responsibility do the management in the organization have?

We have a frame to every course that can later be adapted to your situation and need in regards of content, level and length, which can lead to a shortening in the program. Our education comes to you and the practical moments in the course can be carried out in your own establishment.

We offer cost efficiency thanks to:

  1. Reduced travel costs – our course coordinator conducts the course in your own establishment or in the nearby area.
  2. Customer adaptations – the course can easily be adapted to your specific needs, which can result in fewer course days.
  3. Customer related exercises – We can together preform trouble shooting exercises on your machines/machine lines.
  4. PREKAM Safety Academy (The more you know, the more you know how little you know).

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