One of our projects within safety of machinery

We asked the investment manager of Nordic Sugar how they work with safety of machinery today.

“Today there are several people in the organization that works with safety of machinery and process safety. We also have a lot of support from PREKAM – currently with older working equipment according to AFS 2006:4 but also AFS 2017:3, that’s available in PREKAM’s software Analyzer. We chose Analyzer and CE-Certifier MD Pro after a thorough evaluation, were we concluded that that these applications are both easier and more effective in regards to risk assessment within our business.

PREKAM also support us in our safety strategy that we’re currently developing to reduce damage and interferences in our production. Due to this, we also develop ourselves within the area of The machinery directive, standards, risk assessment, CE-Certifier MD Pro and Analyzer.

Overall, we have therefore taken several steps forward in our work with safety of machinery and shortened the working process considerably”, says the investment manager of Nordic Sugar.

PREKAM have preformed risk assessments and constructed solutions on risk reducing measures, such as construction measures, building safeguards, development of manuals, educations and frameworks for “Hazop” and SIL-determination.