PREKAM to Metso in Trelleborg

PREKAM’s collaboration with Metso Sweden AB has led to another deep dive in the safety during tendering of machines and advanced systems. We have completed FAT and SAT on several applications, including a robot cell. In the last few days, we also initiated a SAT from a safety perspective for a vulcanization press. Our task is to put forward a “safety audit” from the requirements in applicable directives and standards with focus on safety related functions according to EN ISO 13849-1/2 and EN ISO 13855. This means that the original manufacturer will get a report that shows the eventual aberrations from the requirements in directives and harmonized standards that will have to be addressed before the takeover from Metso Sweden AB.

Metso Sweden AB has also given us the commission to create an operator’s manual to the vulcanization press according to the requirements necessary from the point of view of safety of machinery and the current C-standard that is applicable to this type of application.

We therefore want to thank Metso for their trust in us to complete this task. We also want to thank our employees for their dedicated work effort.